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Dismantle of industrial buildings (facilities)

"DEMONTAZHNIK" carries out professional dismantling (demolition) of industrial buildings and facilities. Dismantling (demolition) of factories, plants.

Our services

  • Demolition of any industrial buildings and structures - buildings, hangars, warehouses, cranes.
  • Dismantling of metal structures, reinforced concrete, columns, foundations, pipelines, chimneys.
  • Dismantling of factories.
  • Dismantling of workshops.
  • Dismantling of industrial equipment, blast furnaces.
  • Removal and disposal of construction waste after dismantling.
  • Recycling of construction scrap directly at the site of dismantling.
  • Territory clearing: earthworks, soil movement.



The preliminary cost of work on the demolition of an industrial facility is calculated upon the request of the customer and depends on:

  • material and type of building;
  • dismantling volumes;
  • features of the laying of engineering networks;
  • proximity to other objects;
  • timing of dismantling works.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and take all the necessary measurements.

The final cost of work, including all costs, is fixed in the estimate.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

We carry out the demolition of industrial buildings in strict accordance with the law. "Demontazhnik" has permits for all types of dismantling works, removal and disposal of construction waste. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 



Order dismantling services and get professional advice
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  • Impressive experience - the “Demontazhnik” team has been working in the construction market for over 18 years.
  • Our prices for industrial demolition are below the market average.
  • All types of services - from dismantling an industrial building to scrap recycling.
  • Consistently high quality of work. The quality management system is ISO certified.

You need to understand that the professional demolition of factories and plants is a costly business, often even more than the construction of new structures, which is associated with the state of existing equipment and buildings. This process is usually entrusted to those specialist companies that have already proven themselves in the market. Our company offers services for dismantling factories and plants, dismantling other workshops and industrial facilities, and performs all work efficiently and on time.


Analysis of factories, buildings and workshops is specialized work that provides for certain responsibilities from a company that provides such services. It is necessary to comply with the dismantling project, take into account the peculiarities of the buildings, take into account the peculiarities of the production that must be dismantled. The process of dismantling buildings has its own procedures and features that the contractor must take into account:

  • it is advisable to start with supporting structures: from floors, walls, columns;
  • then the dismantling of the factories and structures themselves, small buildings should be carried out;
  • the next stage is a complete dismantling of buildings, production facilities;
  • the final stage is a complete breakdown of the foundation of the production facility.

In the course of the work, we accept any ferrous and non-ferrous metals, lead, copper, cast iron, brass, aluminum and bronze, scrap metal and cables obtained during the dismantling and cutting of factories and workshops, per ton of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal and scrap, the cost of services can be recalculated.

At the same time, each stage has its own characteristics associated with the specifics of the tools for the dismantling of an industrial facility.

It is necessary to understand that the correctly chosen company will choose the necessary tools and will take into account all the features of dismantling, take into account the project of work, take into account the environmental situation, and take into account the labor protection regulations. We have extensive experience in the demolition and dismantling of factories, plants and workshops, we have a wide range of equipment and necessary equipment. The customer can be sure that the result will be of high quality.

After dismantling the plant, concrete tons of garbage remain, which we will also take out.