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Digging a pit with soil removal

Digging a foundation pit is the basis of any construction, the first and very crucial stage, in which a lot of mechanized labor is involved. The timing of all subsequent construction, the organization and rhythm of construction work depends on how this stage will be organized

Our company specializes in zero cycle earthworks. When ordering the development of a pit from us, you will receive an excavated pit on the agreed date of delivery and at a fixed cost, these points are fixed at the conclusion of the contract. No additional time and cost!

Excavation of foundation pits

We have been developing foundation pits for over 15 years. Throughout the history of the company, we have developed more than 300 pits with a total volume of more than 3 million m3. Our company employs only experienced professionals who can solve any problem.

We carry out complex work at any point, regardless of the location of the object, in cramped conditions, in the presence or absence of the enclosing structures of the pit and the spacer system, and we have the ability to promptly transfer equipment to any point in the capital and region.

Calculation of the cost of excavation

The cost of the work depends on the volume and depth of the pit, the type of soil and the distance of the object. When calculating, we take into account the following factors.

  • Geodesy of the area. Composition, soil moisture level. The presence, as well as the depth of occurrence of underwater groundwater.
  • Planned scope and list of works.
  • Are there communication lines on or near the site?
  • Terms of completion and delivery of the object.
  • Features of the pit design, its depth.
  • Place of removal of soil and construction waste for disposal.
  • Specific features of the area, location, presence and nature of nearby objects (central, densely populated areas of Moscow, historical and other objects, etc.).
  • Removal of soil for disposal at certain landfills.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and make all the necessary calculations.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" has permits for all types of earthworks. Permits for the removal and disposal of construction debris. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 


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The advantages of our company

  • Experience in the development of diverse large objects.
  • Own vehicle fleet of 50 units.
  • Qualified personnel.
  • Monitoring and ensuring strict adherence to the established deadlines.
  • Carrying out work on geodetic measurement in a solid.
  • Daily monitoring of construction progress, daily report.
  • Optimization of the project by our specialists.
  • Removal of soil up to 10,000 cubic meters per day.
  • Registration of permits.
  • Prompt solution of any emerging issues.
  • Execution of work in strict accordance with the design and estimate documentation, in compliance with the requirements of the current technical regulations.
  • The ability to contact us around the clock, 24/7.

We guarantee a responsible approach and quality. You can call our managers and get more detailed information. We are ready to cooperate with you

Own fleet of equipment

Transport works take a key position in ensuring the construction time. Many companies do not have their own transport and rent it. Therefore, they are dependent on a third party. It is possible that the construction deadlines are disrupted, the supply of faulty equipment, or failure during work is possible. Our company handles large orders for the development of excavations with excavators without downtime, such incidents are excluded from us. We have 50 units of reliable and proven earthmoving equipment. Brands of well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers. The machines are kept in excellent technical condition. The schedule of works on their planned repair and maintenance is being observed.

The modern fleet of our own equipment allows us to quickly resolve the issues of attracting the required amount of special equipment. The logistics group will ensure the uninterrupted supply of transport. Competent construction of traffic schedules, no downtime, rational use of technical means, clear and well-organized work of dispatchers will ensure the delivery of the facility on time.

Removal of soil

Direct excavation work begins with the involvement of excavators. Several machines are running at once. At the same time, dump trucks remove the soil. For the passage of special equipment, you need to build access roads. The removal of soil also needs to be coordinated. Part is retained for later use on site. It must be transported within the site to a specially designated place. Most of the soil requires transportation. The option of transporting it to the Customer's site or for disposal is possible, it is possible to develop the excavation soil into a dump. We will take out up to four thousand cubic meters per day on our own.