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Construction of a road from asphalt crumb

Asphalt crumb is a relatively inexpensive raw material that is obtained as a result of crushing old unusable asphalt pavement. This material, although inferior in its characteristics to high-grade asphalt, is suitable for laying on roads and other objects with a low load. Most often they are used for the construction of temporary roads, sports grounds, adjoining territories and other objects that will not be subjected to heavy loads.

Advantages of a crumb asphalt road

  • Cheapness. Due to the fact that it is a very cheap material, a large number of the population can afford it. Very often, summer residents throw off the asphalt crumb and build roads on their own. In addition, it can be laid on an already poured crushed stone road from crushed stone.
  • Low demand. If we compare the level of demand with the amount of crumbs produced, then it can be bought almost always in the warm season. This is due to the fact that a very large amount of old asphalt is removed and recycled. Redesigned, it is used only for asphalting temporary roads, sidewalks and places that are not subject to heavy traffic.
  • High strength. Roads that are built from asphalt chips have the same strength as ordinary asphalt roads. Truth has a much shorter lifespan.


Road construction costs are calculated based on many factors.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and make all the necessary calculations.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" has permits for the construction of roads of all types, including roads from asphalt chips and slabs. Permits for the removal and disposal of construction waste soil. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 


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Road construction from asphalt crumb 

Any road, no matter what surface it has, needs to follow certain rules. The construction of a road from asphalt chips can be divided into the following stages:

  • Preparatory work includes removing the topsoil along with all vegetation. This is done due to the fact that in the future such vegetation decays, and the road may begin to sag. To prevent such subsidence, in places where the road is planned to be built, the top layer of soil is removed. This is done using excavators.
  • Arrangement of a drainage system is the construction of ditches or ditches along roads. The drainage system is made so that water is drained from the roadway into the ditch as quickly as possible. The presence of a high-quality drainage system allows to increase the service life of the road several times. The arrangement is carried out using mini excavators and backhoe loaders.
  • Geotextiles are laid as the lowest layer. However, very often, to save money, this layer is neglected. But as practice has shown, geotextiles can significantly increase the service life of the road.
  • Sand bed is a uniformly distributed layer of sand. The sand is brought to the construction site by dump trucks and leveled with excavators of various capacities. The sand layer should be at least 10 centimeters. After leveling it, the sand layer must be tamped. This must be done using road rollers. But due to the fact that mainly country or temporary roads are built from asphalt crumbs, compaction of the sand layer is very often neglected.
  • Crushed stone - the next layer of bedding, which consists of crushed stone. Ideally, there should be two layers of crushed stone. The lower layer consists of coarse crushed stone, the upper one - of fine. But under the road from asphalt crumbs, almost always only one layer of crushed stone of any fraction that is more accessible is poured.
  • Asphalt crumbs are laid manually. It is brought by dump trucks, and leveled using excavators, backhoe loaders and mini excavators. Handicrafts play an important role at this stage. After all, the final leveling of this asphalt surface is carried out using a conventional shovel.

Asphalt crumb, like regular asphalt, require compaction. But most often, this material is compacted under the pressure of cars passing through it.

Asphalt crumb manufacturing

It is a recyclable product. There are two types of crumbs. The first type of this material is produced using a special cutter, which cuts off the old asphalt pavement layer by layer. The old asphalt is crushed into small particles immediately after being cut. This crumb has a finer fraction. This makes it better quality. Most often, asphalt chips, which are obtained using a milling cutter, are used immediately after they are made. If necessary, if it is necessary to increase the characteristics, bitumen or other additives are additionally added to it.

The second type is produced by crushing. Crushing is carried out by means of special crushing plants. These installations are loaded with pieces of dismantled old asphalt. The output is asphalt crumb of a larger fraction. Such crumbs are of lower quality. But it costs much less than the one obtained by milling.

Which is better, asphalt or asphalt crumb?

Logically, asphalt is a new material for road surfaces. Asphalt crumb is a kind of asphalt pavement waste. Everyone knows that waste cannot be of better quality than the original raw material. But in any case, it is worth noting that it has excellent properties that can turn a crushed stone road into a full-fledged asphalt road. And this is for a very reasonable cost. If the money does not allow you to build a road from full-fledged asphalt, then it will be the ideal material.

Where to order services for the construction of a road from asphalt crumb?

Our company provides services for the construction of roads of any complexity. Asphalt roads are no exception. We can completely asphalt an existing road, we can repair it, or we can build it completely. We cooperate with a large number of road companies. This means that we can get asphalt crumb almost always.