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Removal of metal constructions

The construction company "DEMONTAZHNIK" specializes in the dismantling of metal structures. We successfully dismantle metal structures of any type and size, export and recycle scrap metal.

Our services

  • A full range of services for the dismantling of metal structures.
  • Dismantling of metal structures with scrap removal.
  • Dismantling of buildings with dismantling of metal structures.
  • Utilization (delivery) of scrap metal.
  • Dismantling of metal supports of various sizes.
  • Dismantling of temporary building structures.
  • Dismantling of iron hangars, garages, warehouses, workshops.
  • Dismantling of structures from a profile sheet.


The cost of dismantling metal structures is calculated based on many factors, such as: the type of metal structure, the method of dismantling, the complexity of the structure, the amount of scrap metal, etc.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and make all the necessary calculations.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" has permits for all types of dismantling of buildings, structures and structures, including the dismantling of metal structures. Permits for the removal and disposal of construction waste. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 



Order dismantling services and get professional advice
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  • Free visit of the foreman to the object.
  • Favorable prices - our prices for dismantling of metal structures are below the market average.
  • High-quality result - only specialists work at the facilities under the supervision of experienced foremen. The quality management system is ISO certified.
  • At your service is the knowledge and experience of our team, which has been working in the construction industry for over 18 years.
  • All types of services in one place - we are ready to undertake the entire volume of dismantling work.

What to do if dismantling of metal structures is required?

Self-disassembly and dismantling work can be delayed, as they are laborious and difficult to perform. In order to disassemble metal products and metal structures, a certain list of tools, special machinery and equipment, as well as the experience of workers in dismantling works, is required. The best solution would be to order the dismantling of scrap metal in Kiev and Kiev region at a bargain price per kilogram of our organization. The cost of the work will be estimated in the estimate, dismantling is carried out quickly, and a large assortment of special cargo equipment in our fleet will help in transporting scrap to the receiving point. To order the dismantling of scrap metal and for any questions, please contact the contacts indicated on the website.

Dismantling of what metal structures do we produce

We will help you to disassemble, dismantle and hand over for scrap any metal structures. Specialists from our organization will help in disassembling any metal structures and systems:

  • Iron hangars, garages, warehouses, workshops;
  • Profiled sheet constructions;
  • Metal supports of various sizes;
  • Construction temporary structures.

Our company accepts scrap metal for dismantling at competitive prices. We will help you get rid of the old unnecessary structure - dismantling, removing from the facility and then purchasing scrap for recycling. All work is carried out by qualified employees with experience in dismantling scrap metal. Due to the convenient location of reception points and a large fleet of vehicles in our company, dismantling and removal will be carried out quickly and inexpensively. To order the service, please use the contact information indicated on our website.

Demolition of buildings with demolition of scrap

Often old buildings, buildings, structures become unusable. The question immediately arises - what to do? How to dismantle yourself. Our company "VtorBaza" will come to the rescue in this matter. We will quickly and efficiently dismantle metal structures or structures with a large number of metal parts.

There is a need for dismantling if:

  • You have planned expansion of production or re-equipment;
  • If the structure has fallen into disrepair and passed to the emergency status;
  • Cleaning the territory from obsolete equipment;
  • Preparation of the area for the construction of new buildings.

In such cases, it is urgent to take measures for dismantling work and export of scrap metal to the reception base. Not understanding all the intricacies of this event, it seems that it is very simple. But as soon as you start to face a number of tasks, you don't know how best to proceed.

Our company has a number of advantages:

  • Modern equipment designed for cutting large-sized metal structures;
  • Experienced professionals who comply with all safety standards and regulations;
  • Availability of equipment for the export of scrap metal to the metal reception base.

Only a large enterprise can have such characteristics. If there is no special equipment, the work will be longer and more expensive.

Our company provides a number of services related to the dismantling of metal structures, preparation for removal and transportation to our base for receiving scrap metal. By contacting us, you will receive a guarantee for a quality work performed. Also, you will be protected from many problems, save your time and labor, besides, it is not bad, you will be able to earn on the delivery of scrap metal.

How much does it cost to dismantle a hangar

The work is evaluated taking into account the following factors:

  1. Hangar areas. The larger the hangar, the more time and effort it will take to dismantle it;
  2. The task at hand. If manual disassembly and preservation of materials is necessary, then the work of specialists will cost more - installation becomes laborious;
  3. Hangar assignments. The dismantling of a building intended for the storage of hazardous materials requires the use of special clothing and personal protective equipment. PPE costs are included in the overall estimate;
  4. The volume of scrap for processing. One of the most profitable and easiest ways to dismantle a hangar is to recycle it.

Our company sends its team to the site, carries out work on the demolition of the hangar, cuts, loads and removes scrap. If large volumes of metals are formed, the customer not only does not pay for the service, but also receives money for recyclable materials.

You should not take responsibility for the safety of your own personnel, and force untrained workers to demolish the hangar. It is better to turn to the services of a specialized company.