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Digging lakes and canals

The company "Demontazhnik" offers its services for the development of reservoirs (lakes, ponds), canals.


  • Conducting geological and geodetic surveys at the site.
  • Arrangement of access roads.
  • Removal and storage of the fertile soil layer.
  • Digging a pit.
  • Removal of the excavated soil to the landfill.
  • Bowl waterproofing.
  • Laying of engineering communications.
  • Strengthening the coastline.
  • Tightness test of the structure.
  • Arrangement of the adjacent territory.



The cost of developing reservoirs is determined based on many factors.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and make all the necessary calculations.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" has permits for carrying out land work, including the development of reservoirs and canals. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 


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Stages of the formation of an artificial reservoir

Digging a pond begins with choosing a suitable place. First, geodetic and geological surveys are carried out on the site in order to determine the composition of the soil, the depth of occurrence of artesian waters, and underground sources. Based on the information received, the optimal location for the pond is determined. Its size is also of fundamental importance. Only the wishes of customers are not always taken into account here. Features of the landscape, geological, ecological specificity of the area have a significant impact on this process.

To dig a pond, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • Determine the size of the reservoir, its depth.
  • Carry out preparatory work - clear the area, remove green spaces, large tree roots.
  • Align space.
  • Provide free access for earthmoving equipment.
  • Complete basic work.
  • Ensure the removal of garbage and soil from the territory.

After digging the pit, work continues on sealing the bottom, walls of the structure, and ensuring constant access of water. For these purposes, drilling rigs are used. In recent years, horizontal directional drilling technologies have become widespread.

Our company uses modern, powerful and high-performance excavators, tracked or wheeled, in its work. The selection of special equipment for a specific order is carried out individually.

"Pitfalls" of digging artificial reservoirs

When choosing performers for such complex works, you must be aware of the whole burden of responsibility that you impose on yourself. Cooperation with unreliable partners will lead to negative consequences - a delay in construction, an increase in operating costs. The specificity of the work is that the digging of a reservoir is a process carried out only in the warm season. If an unreliable contractor did not manage to complete the manipulations on time, they are postponed for 6-9 months.

Representatives of our company always fulfill their obligations, bear full responsibility for the result. After agreeing on all the details, the excavation of the pond with an excavator is carried out quickly. There is no need to control these processes. Our specialists work in accordance with the provided construction projects, technical plans.

How to place an order for digging a pond?

If you need to dig a fire pond or ornamental pond, please contact our technicians. They will give recommendations on the course of the process, carry out all the preparatory work, and obtain the necessary permits. Both representatives of large construction companies and individuals who want to decorate the backyard territory of a cottage or summer cottage are invited to cooperate. All terms of the deal are discussed in advance and fixed in a formal agreement. Call the office of the company to receive detailed answers to the questions that have arisen and to place your first application.