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Cleaning of lakes and canals

The Domontazhnik company offers the services in cleaning of reservoirs (lakes, ponds), a channel channel from pollution, bottom deposits and seaweed.

Our services

  • Cleaning of ponds;
  • River cleaning;
  • Lake cleaning;
  • Channel cleaning;
  • Deepening of a bottom of sites of a reservoir on approaches;
  • Cleaning of channels from silting;
  • Shore protection and slope fastening works;
  • Removal of excess soil from the bottom with the use of dredgers;
  • Cleaning of ponds, lakes, reservoirs from reeds, removal of plants with root system.

Preliminarily, our specialists conduct a study and inspection of the object. This approach allows you to choose only the best and most effective cleaning methods.


The cost of cleaning reservoirs is determined based on many factors.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and make all the necessary calculations.

Price adjustments are made continuously, to avoid unpleasant situations, check the prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC Demontazhnik has permissions for carrying out all types of earthworks, including on reservoirs and channels. Permits for the removal and disposal of construction debris. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 


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Among artificial water bodies, the canal occupies a special place. It is usually built to control and direct water flows or to reduce the length of routes. Also with its help it is possible to connect two and more water objects, having created between them the flooded site of the necessary form and the area of ​​section.


  • APPROACHES - These are deep sections of reservoirs used to approach vessels to secondary waterways and ports from large bodies of water.
  • BYPASSES - They are built so that the ship has the opportunity to bypass lakes and large settlements.
  • CONNECTING - Connect water bodies of various types by means of construction of ways.

Regardless of the destination, the length will sooner or later require cleaning of the canals, which will create favorable conditions for the transportation of goods and will not cause problems with passability. This is extremely important when it comes to meeting deadlines and fulfilling obligations.