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Installation of road slabs

We carry out the laying of the slab in a complex, with earthworks, leveling, site planning, bedding and all special equipment.
Sale of used road slabs, a wide range of sizes and quantities of road slabs throughout Ukraine and Kiev. Any form of payment. You can also buy used road slabs from us.

The installation of concrete slabs for the construction of temporary roads is usually distinguished by three factors:

  • Laying reinforced concrete slabs on a finished base
  • Laying of road slabs with preparation of the base
  • Laying of panels "TURNKEY"

The prepared base is considered to be the prepared surface of the earth, covered with sand and gravel, tamped down and made by "ramming". The cost of work 60-150 hryvnia per square meter for the finished base includes work using the equipment of our company. We carry out the laying of slabs in the yard, in the country, on any municipal site. The cost may vary depending on the volume.

Our company carries out work on the laying of slabs with the preparation of the base. At your discretion, we can prepare the base only from sand (using 15cm technology) or sand + crushed stone (using 10cm technology). After the completion of construction work, the site can be used for parking cars and trucks, a pedestrian zone, a warehouse area, a site for storing building materials, a temporary road for transport.

Turnkey laying of slabs. The name of the service suggests that we will take over the organization of the entire workflow. Delivery and unloading of products, delivery of bulk materials, installation, using a crane or crane manipulator.
The company "Demontazhnik" also performs dismantling works (any size, any condition). The specialist goes to the site to inspect the scope of work and draw up a Contract. Departure of the measurer to the object and the preparation of an estimate is discussed. This is necessary to accurately calculate the final cost.


The road surface made of reinforced concrete slabs is durable and durable. Reinforced concrete can withstand enormous loads, so the pavement is used for laying temporary and permanent roads, as an economical and fast way to create a track.

Coating Benefits

  • efficiency of laying slabs;
  • the possibility of using the road immediately after the end of construction;
  • the ability of the plates to withstand a wide temperature regime from -40 to + 55 degrees;
  • wear resistance, road strength;
  • laying is possible without the involvement of heavy asphalt paving equipment;
  • simplicity and ease of dismantling;
  • the possibility of reusing used slabs and significant cost savings (the price of installing used slabs is up to 2 times lower than new ones).
  • aesthetic, attractive appearance.



Road construction costs are calculated based on many factors.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and make all the necessary calculations.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" has permits for the construction of roads of all types, including roads from asphalt chips and slabs. Permits for the removal and disposal of construction waste soil. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 


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Requirements for road concrete slabs

Different types of slabs are used depending on the traffic intensity of the road. When selecting a material, take into account the amount of transport load and the throughput of the material.

According to GOST, slabs are classified into 2 types:

  • For permanent roads with heavy freight traffic. Plates with marking 1 are made using heavy reinforcement and are used on highways, military equipment ranges. Thanks to the reinforced concrete, which is part of the concrete products, the roadway does not require frequent repairs, despite the constant loads.
  • For temporary roads. Plates with marking 2 are made from conventional non-tensioned reinforcement and are used on construction sites, quarries, as a temporary track covering. Due to its excellent performance, attractive price and ease of installation, marking 2 road slabs are also suitable for laying driveways to a private house, garage, etc.

The requirements of GOST determine the standard sizes, the percentage of reinforcement and the shape of the plates. The thickness of the slabs is at least 14 cm, the surface is corrugated or smooth. Concrete density - 2200-2500 t / m, frost resistance - up to F150. Steel reinforcement in the composition of the slab retains the technical characteristics of the product for many years.

Road slab assembly technology

Soil preparation

The base of the road soil is prepared for installation. The technology of laying slabs for temporary and permanent coverage differs only in its volume in the preparation of the soil base. Before laying road slabs:

  • Remove the vegetative soil layer. Use heavy equipment (bulldozers, dump trucks) for this. Dig a trench up to 50 cm deep.
  • Lay out the bottom of the road bed with geotextiles. It will prevent weeds from germinating and washing away the next layer of sand and gravel.
  • Prepare the underlying sand and gravel layer. A layer of crushed stone (5 cm for garden paths, 10 cm for roads) and quarry sand (10 cm) evenly fill and tamp. Use rollers to compact the layer.
  • Place paving slabs on top.

Laying of road slabs

Installation work is performed by 1-2 construction crews. If the size of the slabs is large, lifting equipment is connected to the installation. Before the start of work, all slabs, according to the rules for laying concrete products, are stored along the edges of the road or the lifting of road slabs is carried out directly from the car body.

The paving slabs should be started from the side of the road. To avoid distortions, the first row of plates is laid, focusing on the stretched cord. Then the coating is tamped.

Slabs are adjusted as tightly as possible (the gap between the products is not more than 2-3 mm, the ledges are 5 mm). Then the joints are filled with sand or cement and filled with mastic. To maintain greater durability and stability of the road surface, the side mounting loops of reinforced concrete products are welded together.

We offer to buy road slabs in Kiev from the best Ukrainian manufacturers, made in accordance with all the requirements of GOST. We will help you choose the concrete slabs of the required characteristics, advise, deliver products to the construction site. For ordering and consultation, call or write to us!