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Demolition of outbuildings

The Demontazhnik company specializes in the demolition of civil and industrial structures, including utility buildings. Our specialists promptly dismantle buildings for any purpose, remove and dispose of construction scrap.

Our services

  • Demolition of garages and hangars - brick, metal, reinforced concrete.
  • Dismantling of country houses, change houses, garden structures.
  • Dismantling of elevators.
  • Demolition of agricultural buildings - greenhouses, cowsheds, pig farms, poultry houses.
  • Dismantling of water towers.
  • Demolition of any other buildings for economic and industrial purposes.
  • Territory cleaning and garbage disposal.
  • Recycling and disposal of construction waste.


The cost of demolishing outbuildings is calculated based on many factors. For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and take all the necessary measurements.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" has all approvals for dismantling of outbuildings (change houses, country houses, water towers, cowsheds, elevators, etc.), permits for the removal and disposal of construction waste. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 



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  • Our prices for the demolition of utility buildings are lower than the market average.
  • All work is carried out by specialists under the supervision of civil engineers.
  • We have been working in construction for over 10 years and we know how to carry out dismantling work quickly, without unnecessary noise and dust.


  • For an accurate assessment of the cost of work, our specialist visits the customer's site and makes all the necessary calculations.
  • At the conclusion of the contract, the cost and timing of work on the demolition of buildings are fixed in it, and the conditions for cleaning and removal of all demolished parts of buildings are also specified in the contract.
  • Since the dismantled object may be located near residential buildings or factories, the company receives the necessary permits for demolition with further removal of the resulting garbage, and all responsibility for the work carried out and the consequences lies with the executing company.
  • Depending on the condition of the building, it is possible to reuse concrete slabs and other parts of the building, if they were not destroyed during the dismantling process.