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Dismantling of oil and gas facilities

We quickly and safely dismantle any buildings and technological structures in the oil and gas industry.

Our services


  • Dismantling of oil depots, oil refineries.
  • Dismantling of oil pipelines.
  • Dismantling of gas pipelines and gas stations.
  • Dismantling of tanks for storing petroleum products, tanks for storing liquefied gas.
  • Dismantling of metal structures, demolition of capital buildings of factories and workshops.
  • Dismantling of chimneys of factories and boiler houses.
  • Dismantling of petrol stations and gas stations.
  • Dismantling of oil rigs and equipment.
  • Sealing of oil and gas wells.
  • Removal and disposal of construction waste.



The cost of dismantling oil and gas facilities is calculated based on many factors.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and take all the necessary measurements.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" dismantles oil and gas facilities in strict accordance with the laws. We have all the necessary approvals for this type of work. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 



Order dismantling services and get professional advice
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  • Favorable price - our prices for demolition of buildings are below the market average.
  • A team of specialists with 10 years of experience in the successful implementation of projects of any complexity.
  • All types of services in one place - we will carry out both dismantling of oil and gas facilities and full legal support of these works.
  • High-quality result - only specialists work, the quality management system meets ISO requirements.


  • We deal not only with technical issues of dismantling oil and gas complexes. Our staff employs experienced lawyers, whose task is full legal support of the process.
  • We are ready to agree on the following issues:
  • development of a project taking into account the standards of waste generation and determination of limits for their disposal;
  • determination of the compliance of the draft with the law "On environmental protection";
  • registration of a hazardous waste passport.


  • Preparatory stage. We conclude a dismantling agreement with you, which spells out all the nuances, up to the removal and disposal of dismantled objects. At this stage, our company is engaged in coordination with the licensing authorities. This is necessary, since it is necessary to determine the place and method of removing oil-contaminated structures.
  • Primary dismantling. We are starting to demolish easily dismantled objects: panel buildings, light metal structures, fences. An extensive machine park allows us to carry out work of any complexity. We remove any amount of construction waste and parts of dismantled objects.
  • Dismantling of large objects. Our equipment allows you to dismantle capital structures made of reinforced concrete and bricks. We also carry out dismantling of foundations of any type, including buried monolithic foundations.
  • Dismantling of specific equipment. Specific equipment of oil and gas complexes requires a special approach due to its high fire and explosion hazard. The most dangerous in this respect are gas and oil pipelines, oil storages, tanks for storing liquefied gas. Some of the work is done manually to avoid the leakage of harmful substances. Before dismantling oil pipelines, gas pipelines and storage facilities, they are cleaned of wax deposits using scrapers and separators - this reduces the release of residual combustible gases. With the help of hoists and assembly towers, we dismantle drilling equipment and near-tower structures. Also, our specialists perform well sealing.
  • Reclamation of the construction site. This is the final stage at which we take the remaining waste to disposal sites. If necessary, we can carry out partial processing and sorting of construction waste. Recycled waste is used to produce secondary raw materials that can be used later for construction. Soil and construction waste of hazard class 4 and 5 are used for reclamation of disturbed lands.