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Dismantling the roof

Professional dismantling of the roof of residential and industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers and other facilities

Our company "Demontazhnik", working in the field of dismantling and demolition of buildings, offers to order professional dismantling of the roof of residential and industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers and other facilities. All operations are carried out by qualified employees with experience in performing work in conditions of high density of the surrounding buildings. We provide rental vehicles for the removal of the generated waste to our own landfill.

Our services

  • Dismantling the roof (roof) from slate;
  • Dismantling of metal roofing;
  • Dismantling the roof from the profiled sheet;
  • Dismantling the rafter system;
  • Dismantling the roof of a private house;
  • Dismantling of roofing material, ondulin, slate, metal tiles, flexible tiles;
  • Dismantling the lathing and rafter system;
  • Dismantling of filing, waterproofing, drainage system.


The preliminary cost of dismantling the roof is calculated based on the following data:

  • design features and its size;
  • type of roofing material (roofing material, ondulin, slate, metal tiles, flexible tiles, corrugated board, etc.);
  • transport situation (availability of detour routes);
  • roof structures and complexity;
  • required timing of dismantling.

Our specialist will tell you the exact cost of the work after visiting the site and carrying out all the necessary engineering calculations.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

Our company "Demontazhnik" LLC has all the necessary permits for dismantling all types of buildings and structures, including the dismantling of the roof. Permits for the removal and disposal of construction waste. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 



Order dismantling services and get professional advice
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  • Free visit of the foreman to your facility.
  • accurate execution of work, allowing you to reuse the removed materials;
  • execution of orders within the terms specified in the contract;
  • experience in dismantling in dense building conditions, carefully observing safety measures;
  • the safety of windows, facade decoration, stucco molding;
  • advising clients on roof dismantling;
  • the use of a modern tool that speeds up the execution of work;
  • comprehensive insurance of people and property against accidents and accidental damage;
  • availability of certificates, certificates, licenses for roofing works;
  • convenient payment methods, flexible payment schemes, the most favorable conditions for regular customers;
  • quick resolution of business issues, high level of service;
  • Favorable prices - our prices for the demolition of bridges are always below the market average;
  • High-quality result - only specialists work under the guidance of civil engineers. The quality management system complies with ISO;
  • At your service - the experience and knowledge of our team, which has been successfully working in construction for more than 18 years.
  • All types of services in one place - we carry out the entire range of dismantling works.


The cost of dismantling the roof depends on its area, the complexity of the task, the characteristics of the roofing materials. The price is also influenced by the condition of the roof (the older it is, the more danger it poses for workers who will remove materials and disassemble the frame). In addition, the total amount includes the cost of dismantling the drainage system, steam and waterproofing film, lathing, insulation layers, etc.

Call us to get more information about the cost of roof dismantling within the city and outside the city. We will answer your questions and agree on the time of departure of the measurer to take the dimensions of the roof and an initial assessment of the complexity of the task.


At the first stage, our specialists carry out preparatory work. They remove antennas from the roof, cut pipes, remove decorative elements or billboards (if any). Then the dismantling of the roofing materials begins. If the roof is covered with slate, then the ridge is removed, then the nails holding the sheets are removed. After that, the slate is removed and lowered to the ground using a rigging-block system. If it is in good condition, the material remains recyclable.

The same algorithm is used to dismantle the roof made of profiled sheets. The workers remove the wind bars and the ridge, dismantle the profiled sheets (from top to bottom), remove the cornices and the metal profile. The soft roof is removed using roofing axes, wall chasers, grinders, with the help of which the material is cut into pieces and removed. After the roofing materials have been removed, the craftsmen proceed to dismantle the insulating film. Then the sheathing and rafters are disassembled. These operations are performed from the inside of the roof. Special platforms are being erected to allow workers to quickly disassemble the wooden or metal structure.

In the process of dismantling, a truck crane, a loader for cleaning construction waste from the adjacent territory, a dump truck for removing the dismantled materials can be used. All equipment is in perfect condition and operated by experienced operators.