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Dismantling the road surface

Dismantling of road surfaces (asphalt, concrete, crushed stone, slabs, etc.) is one of the activities of the construction company LLC “Demontazhnik”. We promptly dismantle the roadway, remove and process construction waste.

Our services

  • Dismantling of asphalt or asphalt concrete pavement to its full thickness.
  • Layer-by-layer dismantling of the road surface.
  • Partial dismantling - milling of the road surface.
  • Dismantling of road slabs.
  • Removal of destroyed road material from the site.
  • Recycling of old pavement (asphalt chips, chips, bitumen) for reuse.


The cost of dismantling the pavement is calculated based on many factors, such as: type of pavement, thickness, number of layers, etc.

For an accurate calculation, our specialist will visit your facility and take all the necessary measurements.

Price adjustments are carried out continuously, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, check prices with the manager!

Permits and licenses

LLC "Demontazhnik" has all permits for dismantling the roadbed, permits for the removal and disposal of construction waste. Our quality management system is ISO certified. 



Order dismantling services and get professional advice
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  • Free visit of the foreman to the object.
  • Favorable prices - our prices for dismantling the asphalt pavement are below the market average.
  • High-quality result - only specialists work at the facilities under the supervision of experienced foremen. The quality management system is ISO certified.
  • At your service is the knowledge and experience of our team, which has been working in the construction industry for more than 10 years.
  • All types of services in one place - we are ready to undertake the entire volume of road construction work.


  • The cover and its base are loosened using a bulldozer with special attachments - a ripper. Such a bulldozer is capable of lifting the asphalt concrete pavement and breaking it into pieces.
  • If the road surface contains a layer of gravel or sand and gravel mixture, a scarifier and motor grader are used.
  • Strong road surfaces or substrates containing cement are destroyed by road breakers. They dismantle the canvas by electro-impact or pneumo-impact method.
  • The destroyed parts of the pavement are bulldozed into heaps. Then, the material is loaded onto dump trucks.
  • Front-end loaders with one bucket are used to load asphalt chips, and multi-bucket loaders and excavators are used for small material.
  • Destroyed road material is transported to a landfill or intermediate warehouse.
  • With layer-by-layer dismantling, it is possible to reuse certain types of material - asphalt, gravel, crushed stone, cobblestone. The resulting asphalt crumb can be reused in the construction of a new road.